An Unexpected Encounter With…. A Barbie???????????

I took this a while ago…  but I never knew it would appear on a blog!  I must admit, the plot is a little bit random and odd. Wow! My first photo story!!!!  *  Excited hoots and hollers.*

Told from Saige’s POV (Read about Saige Here)


Late at night, I sat near Janie’s dresser, pleasently reading Counting by 7’s.  I knew that I shouldn’t be awake, and I must admit, I was a bit frightened.


“Aaagh!”  I screamed.  My book flew off my lap, hitting against the big dome chair.  Where did SHE come from?


“Howdy,” she said with a strong western accent.  “I’m Sheryl, Janie’s new borrowed barbie doll!  Nice to meet you, honey.”  IMG_0089

I knew she was trying to fool me.  Anyone who’s anyone knows that barbie’s are evil.  It said so in Dollies 101: Who to Heart and Who to Hate.


I should probally try to save the stuffed animals from this monster in desguise.  “Come here Shelby,”  I called.  Taking action, I dove into the pile to retreive her.  I snuglled Shelby close to guard her from Sheryl.


It was then that I knew that there were other weak little toys out there that needed me!  Like Mimi!  As I scooped her up, I dug my face into er soft, serene, fur.


Just as I thought the coast was clear, I lay in my pink duvet.  SHAKE!  BOOM! “AAAAAAGHHHH”  I screamed.  “SHERYL”S REVENGE!”


“What’s all the noise for?  You made me fall in thin air when I was practicing my leaps,”  Isabelle stated.  Ohh!  So it was Isabelle shaking the ground!


I’ve had a long night, but I still wasn’t tired.  So I read  Turtle in Paradise…


Harry Potter,…. book… too… big….


Now back to Counting by… Yawn.


Shhhh… Good night, Saige.

I can’t beleive you posted that!  I’m so embarresed! -Saige

I no longer have Sheryl.  I gave her back to Sophia. * sobbing very loudly with classical music in the backround.* I was sad, But Saige threw a party.


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