The Ghosts of Ember: Part 1

Hello!  Do you remember when I made this post and said that I made a photostory?  Well guess what?  I found the old pictures!  So here it is: The Ghosts of Ember Part 1.


Sigh.  Where did I go wrong?  I was currently waiting outside the jail for my daughter, Cassy.




I wrapped my daughter into a hug.  She was taller than I now.


“I have so much to tell you about!  How’s the house?  How are my friends?  What about our dog?”  Cassy asked.

What dog? We had a dog?  And what excactly did Cassie do bad?


I’m awake now.  Thank goodness that was all a dream!  I glance over at my clock.  Ugghh… I groan.  Time for school!





I looked through my very messy closet to find something to wear.  After what seemed like an hour,  I chose an empire waist tank  and squiggly blue shorts.  I hurried to get changed so I wouldn’t be late.  Heading over to my vanity, I picked up my comb to brush my hair.  After tying my hair in a pony tail, I ate breakfast, and scurried out the door.


On my way to school, I spotted two girls in my class; Anne Rose Parker and Ainsley Kings standing in front of a small yellow house.  I thought it would be polite to say hi since they’re both… ummmm…. outcasts.  Since when did Anne Rose have glasses?


“Since forever,”  Anne Rose replied.  “AAHH!”  How can you read my thoughts?”  I exclaimed.  She glanced over at Ainsley, then shook her head no.  “Special ways,” said Anne.  Then, they told me a story with lots of hand motions.  I think they’re Italian.


” I don’ t understand,” I said.  “Could you say that again?”  “After you put on this,” Ainsley told me, tossing a flowered dress into my hands.  It looked kind of worn.  “Why?” I asked them.  “Because,” they anwsered.  Obeying orders, I hid behind a treeto get changed.



When I stepped out, one of them made a mirror appear in front of me.  “How do you like it?” asked Anne.  Instead of anwsering, I said,  “Whoooaahh…  how did you… ”  “Magic,” Ainsley said, making it sound obvious and normal.


They were both wearing similar dresses,and Anne Rose was wearing old-school glasses.  They didn’t look too hot.  Ainsley’s dress looked about two sizes too big.  “It was my sister’s,” she anwsered.  This mind reading thing was gettin creepy.  They both looked pale.  Ghostly pale.  “Put your hair down,” Anne said.  “And your Shoes,” commanded Ainsley.  Mindlessly, I obeyed their commands.  I didn’t want to mess with them.  “Come with us,” they said in unison.  Thay were heading near a tiny waterfall I’ve never noticed before.  “What about school?”  I asked them.  “We’re skipping,” Anne said.  At the same time, they both scooped me up.  Before I knew it, we were flying above London.  “Come on,” Anne said.  “We have a story to tell!

To be continued…

 – Janie

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