The One and Only Ivan

I know that I said that this reveiw would be Sunday, but it’s today instead.  So here we go!


Name: The One and Only Ivan

                                                                              Level: ages 8-12

Rating: ★★★★★


To rate this book, we are going to rate it through Icecream Points, inspired by This blog.

1 star = pickle icecream

2 stars= plain vanilla

3 stars = cookie dough

4 stars = chocolate fudge

5 stars = salted caramel

This book was definetly salted caramel!

Next, there will always be a summary.

Ivan, a gorrila, lives in a shopping mall. There are other animals, like a dog named Bob, and an elephant named Stella, who is very old.  They all work in a circus.  Midway into the book, they receive a baby elephant named Ruby.


But then, Stella dies!  Ivan makes a promise to give Ruby a good life.  At the end, they escape to the zoo.

I hope that you will read The One and Only Ivan!

  • – Janie 😀

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