What IS that?

Hello!  Sophia sent a picture of her dolls Emily and Rebecca.  What are they doing or saying?  For an example of what to say, see Here.

This is the photo:


The winners will be posted on Nov. 14

Caption away!


5 thoughts on “What IS that?

  1. I think that Rebecca is saying “Hmmmm… This new movie looks pretty good.” And Emily is saying ” I’m sooooooo excited for the new movie The Ghost of Ember starring Saige. You go girl!”


  2. Emily: Lazy day…
    Rebecca: Why are we staring at this poster?
    Emily: Not sure.
    Rebecca: I thought it was cause we were bored.
    Emily: Well then why did you ask me?
    Rebecca: Not sure…
    Emily: Yawn…
    Rebecca: Shouldn’t you be practicing violin?

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    1. Hi! This is Lilou Nox, from Pickett and also from my other blog Lilou Nox. I just wanted to say sorry for the delay, but you now have access to the site. Bye! Sorry again. ☺️

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