An Unexpected Encounter With Fairies


I was walking in my garden one afternoon.   I  l was pondering over the beatiful colors of fall, when I realized it was late.


I just wanted to lay down for a minute on the soft, soon-to-be-brown-but-green-right-now, grass.


I can only say that I was laying here for five minutes when I heard a tinkling close by.  “Hello,” said a tiny voice.  “AAH!” I screamed.  “Are you a fairy?” I asked. “What else would I be?” she replied.


I sat up so I could talk to her.  I later learned her name was Margaret Rose.  What a pretty name, I thought.


“Come over here,” Margaret Rose told me.  “I know something fun we can do.”  I bluntly started walking, with Margaret at my foot.


“See! We can climb trees!”

“It’s easy for you because you can fly.”


I didn’t think I could do it, but with lots of hard work (and skinned knees,) I finally made it up!  I felt like I was the queen of the world!


It was getting dark, amost 8:00. (I had to turn on the flash. 🙂 I knew it was time to go home.  “Goodbye Margaret.”

“Goodbye Emily.”


Two bonus pictures!


It seems like Sophia’s doll, Marie Grace, has been expeiriencing the same thing!  Let’s take a look at that.




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