In Plum Valley: Part 1

Hello!  I recently made a photostory.  It’s not short, but not to long either.  There is a part two to this, so stay tuned!


Emily was walking down to Plum Valley.  She and Marie Grace had been planning this trip for years.  None of them had a car, so they were walking through the woods on a trail.


“Are we there yet?” asked Marie Grace.  Emily didn’t anwser; she was to busy enjoying nature.  Marie Grace looks around to make sure there are no bears.


Marie Grace leaned against a tree to rest.  Emily wanted nothing more than to keep going.  “Come on, we’re almost there!  Let’s keep going,” said Emily.


Emily leading, the girls set off to Plum Valley.


“Aaahhh!”   Emily slid down the hill, ending with a big thump.


“Let me help!” desperately cried Marie Grace.  She stuck out her hand so Emily could grab on.


A little bit more than half way, the dolls met Harper sitting in a stump.  “What the heck is that?” asked Marie Grace.  That’s Harper, she’ll be joing us,” Emily replied.  Marie Grace thought that Harper was adorable.


They still had to finish their trip.  They bravely climbed up the fence, clinging on for life.


Even Harper made it!


Finally, after years of waiting, the dolls had made it to Plum Creek!  They stood on the edge of their yard, looking at the beatiful sights.


“This is breathtaking,” said Marie Grace in awe.  “Agreed.  I’m so glad we made this trip!”


“I love the ivy,” said Harper.


“And the leaves!”


Come dinner, the gang sat at an… er… uniqually painted table by the lake.


The food there was delicious.


The dolls had a wonderful time today, but the fun wasn’t over!  They still had tommorow.

To Be Continued


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