In Plum Valley: Part 2

The Next Day:


“Come push me on the swing!” Emily told Marie Grace.  “Fine, but I will NOT go on it,” she replied.


Emily glided over the leaves.  She felt like she was flying!  “WHEEEEE!”


” Come on, just one time?” Emily pleaded.

” I said NO!  I’m almost 13 year old!”

“Please, nobody’s here!”



Marie Grace had to admit, this was pretty fun.


“Can I go now?” asked Harper.


“Only if we come with you!”


The dolls decided to go to Plum Creek next.  “Are we going to swim in our clothes?”  Marie Grace asked Emily.  ” Of course, the people on the pamphlet do!”  The water felt nice and cool on Emily’s feet.


“Look, I’m the best upstream swimmer ever!”  Cried Marie Grace.  “No, you’re really not,” said Emily.


“Look!  I’m a big girl!  I can swim!”



15 minutes later…


“Are you done screaming yet Marie Grace?” asked Emily.  “Looks like I’m going to have to take action!”  Emily herocily jumped into the water, scooping up Harper as she swam along.


When Harper and Emily got out of the water, Emily dried off and put her shoes on.  Meanwhile,

Marie Grace did CPR on Harper.


“Look, I can see our cabin from here!”


They spotted a paint/plant a plot center.  Plum Valley really has everything!  Emilly was painting hers bright greens and pinks.


Marie Grace painted her’s orange.  Bor-ing!


Harper’s was, well… amazing.  Ther is nothing else to say.  “How did you paint your’s that well?”  asked Marie Grace with a puzzled look.

 “I bought it for twenty dollars.”

None of them truly turned out good except for Marie Grace’s.


“Look, there’s a memorial!” Emily cried.  “I bet it’s for veterans,” said Marie Grace.  “Let’s go take a picture with it,” said Harper.  The dolls insisted on me posting that photo, so here it is.


Harper saw the baby play center, and of cousre, had to go.  “That’s not a baby center.  That should be a 21 year old center.  If anything, a nobody center!” said a very stressed out Marie Grace.


” Hmmm… the sign says ‘No Tresspassing.’ Does that mean we can go?”  asked Emily.  “Of course not, silly don’t you know anything?” staed Marie Grace.  “Yes,” replied Emily.  “I know that that looks fun!”


Marie Grace stepped aside for a moment, just to see the birds.  “Hello there,” said Emily.

Back at the Cabin


Aaaahh… I get the comfy bed.




I don’t think I’m in the right season, but….

Well, I hope you enjoyed that quick little photostory.  I had a lot of fun making it.


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