Learn Something New!: Lorem Ipsum Dolor

Hello!  Do you know what Lorem Ipsum Dolor means?  Probally not.  If you do, give yourself a pat on the back for being smart.  If you don’t, you’re about to find out.  Yay!

The History

Lorem ipsum dolor was created for printers in the 1500’s.

What does it translate to?

Nothing, really.

Well, then what DOES it mean?

It is filler text.   So, that means that if wordpress is making a sample blog to show you one of their themes, they might use Lorem Ipsum Dolor as the things they say.  For example:


1. Lorem ipsum dolor

2.Sit Amet

3.consectetuer adipiscing elit

So all they say is Lorem ipsum Dolor?

No, not neccesarily.  Sometimes it is followed by Sit Amet.  Then consectetuer adipiscing elit.  After that, you go to Lorem ipsum generators like the one here.


I know, it’s a lot.

Well, thanks for teaching me about Lorem Ipsum Dolor!

You are very welcome kind, thankful, student.


I made this button, too.


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