What to write: Languages Edition!

Have you ever felt stumped on what to write on a card?  Let’s face it: we all have.  One really cool and unique idea is to write a message in a different lannguage!  You can always use Google Translate to translate your own message in your own language, but here are some ideas.  Remember to use nice stationery and pen!


Kon’nichwa!  Ogenkidasuka?  Daijobudesu.  Anata wa supadesu!


Your name in Japanese

Ni: Your friends name in Japanese

“Watashitachiha honomo nodewa naku, kanpeki ni naru tame ni umaremashita.”


Salve!  Quid agis?  Bene sum.  Tu es super!


Your Name

um: Friend’s name

“Nos vero in terris esse nec esse perfectum.”

What they mean (include this on the back of your note.):

Hello!  How are you?  I’m fine.  You are super!


your name

To: friend’s name

“We are put on earth to be real, not perfect.”


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