A Barbie Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksging!  Since I haven’t really used the Barbies, (and because I had a barbie turkey,) I decided to use them for this.  Enjoy!

Told from Skipper’s POV


It was Thanksgiving day, and  Midge, Stacey, and Chelsea and I were sitting at the table.


 Barbie was busy cooking the turkey and pie.


As Barbie placed the pie, fresh and hot, on the table, all of our mouths’ started to water.


Only seconds later, Barbie started screaming.  “AAH!  My TURKEY!”  she screamed.  “It’s on the FLOOR!  I’ve been cooking it all day!  Now what will we eat?”


Just then, a brilliant idea popped into my head.  “I can go buy a turkey at the store!” I exclaimed.  “What a genious idea!” said Barbie as she handed me five dollars.  “Buy the best turkey there!  Now run along.”


I ran through the park until I was finally at the store.


“Hello dear,” said the shopkeeper when I got there.  “What may I get for you?”

“A turkey, please,” I responded.

“Isn’t it a little late to be buying a turkey?”



“Don’t worry!  We still have one more left,” she said, handing it to me.


I ran home with the turkey, hoping I wouldn’t be too late.  When I got home, all of the other delicious food was on the table.  I completed the set with the turkey, and the slid into my seat.


“Skipper, you saved the day!” exclaimed Midge.  We all started eating the turkey, pie, raviolli, pie, and tea.  “Let’s go around the table and see what we’re all thankful for,” suggested Stacey.


“I’m thankful for friends and family,” I said when it was my turn.


“I’m thankful for bendy legs.”


“I’m thankful for teddy bears.”


“I’m thankful for food and a house.”


“I’m thankful for such a great sister.”


Before long, the food was all gone.


We watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade.



And a show about a pilgrim.

This had beeb the best Thanksgiving ever!


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