A Trip in the Car

Hello! (Again!)  This is by far the hardest photostory I’ve took pictures for because the car was moving, it was raining so all the pictures are dark, and the road was bumpy.  I’m excited! You’ll see why when you read the story. Buckle up, ’cause this is gonna be a long one!


I’ve always liked being the newest doll.  I was never neglected because of some new doll that csme along and stole all the attention.  And I knew it would stay this way.  I don’t know why.  I just did.


Which was why I was extremely suprised when I saw a girl about my age hop into the car when I was riding home from Thanksgiving.

Mia’s POVIMG_0484

This girl was rude.  She didn’t even say hi.  I couldn’t beleive I was going to have to live with her for two whole years.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the rest of the dolls were like this.  “Hi,” I politely said.  “My name is Mia.  I’m eleven.  What’s your name?”


“Isabelle.  Age ten,” the rude girl who’s name was apperently Isabelle bluntly replied.  Isabelle started to climb up to the window.  To get away from me, I guessed.


I climbed up to the seat.  This is a lot harder than I excpected.  Isabelle must be a gymnast or something.   “Wait a second,” she said looking at me.  “Aren’t you the GOTY from 2008?”

“Yes I am, thank you for noticing.  Are you from 2014?”

“Yeah,” she responded.


I hopped up next to her hoping she might be nicer.  “It’s nice to have another GOTY around.  I like your shoes,” she commented.  “Thanks,” I anwsered.  “Just where did you come from?” she questioned.  “Janie never told us about you.”  “Well, I was Janie’s cousin’s doll, but her aunt said that her cousin was too young to have an AG doll.  So, she said that Janie could keep her for two years.”

“So you won’t be staying here forever?”


“Oh,” said I sabelle she almost sounded dissapointed.”


Things went a lot smoother from this point on.  I learned that Isabelle wasn’t mean or rude or anything, she was just upset that she wouldn’t be the newest doll anymore.  She’s actually really nice.  We looked out the window to spot cool things, weird things, and pretty things.  (And we may or may not have yelled at random people on the street.  And they may or may not have heard us.)


We took pictures of those things.  (We may or may not have took pictures of ourselves instead.)


Then it started pouring.  “Let’s go back down here,” I suggested, pointing at the floor.


On our way down, we stuck our hands into the pouch on the back of the seat and hung there.  Why?  Just because.


Isabelle let me try on her pink hair extension.


And I let her look at my skates.IMG_0499.JPG

Later on while Isabelle was taking a nap, I pulled ot my IPod and started listening to music.  If the other dolls were like Isabelle, I knew that this was going to be a pretty great two years.

Yep!  I got Mia! (On loan.)  She’s so pretty and her accsesories are so cute!  And now for the mini reveiw:


Here is an overall veiw of the doll.  She comes in a thin sweater with a snowflake decal near the side and says, “Skating Club.”  Her skirt is light grey and has a pink and blue design on the waistband.  She comes with a side french braid.  Her tights are light purple and her shoes (which I love!) are blue hightops with pink laces.


Part of her accesories are headphones and an IPod.  The IPod has a flower on it and is pink.  The best part is……..the IPod actually plays music!  The accsesories also includes a pink and white elastic bracelet that the IPod attaches to.


The headphones are pink with a pink cord and rasberry middles on the ear.  The accessory pack also includes skates, skate covers, and a bag which you will see in my photostory tommorow.


You may not have noticed this, but Mia has freckles.  I think that AG could of done a better job darkening them.

I overall rate the doll a 4.5.


Which of these pictures, if any, should be on Mia’s profile page?  Tell your anwser in comments.





I love this one!


Remember to comment your favorite!


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