The Ghosts of Ember: Part 3

I’m so excited for this one!  Squeal!  Part 3, by far would have to be the best.     So get ready for…. The Ghosts of Ember: Part 3!


I   grasped the rope of the net so I pull myself out.  As I stuck my foot through a hole, the net started to tangle and loop around it, which caused me to fall back in the net.


“Do you need any help?” I heard someone call.IMG_5843

I looked down to see a girl around my age standing on the titanium floor.  Probally a ghost.


“What does it look like?” I called back to her.  I hope that I didn’t scare her away with my rudness.  The truth is, I could really use some help rescuing Anne and Ainsley, and this girl seemed perfect for the job.  Plus the fact that I really needed to get out of here.


With a wave of her hand and a snap of her finger, (yep, she’s a ghost,) the ropes and cords of my net were broken.


And I was falling.  I guess that this was a lose-lose situation.  I was about to meet my fate when…


Poof.  The ghost girl had made a fluffy blanket appear to cushion my fall.


“Grab my hand,” she commanded.  I’ve come to the assumption that it’s not a good idea to disobey a ghost.  So, I did as she told.


In two seconds (literally!  She had telaported us.), we had arrived at the girl’s house.  “Oh, I almost forgot!”  I exclaimed.  “What’s your name?  Mine’s Marie.”   “Amber,” she replied.  I couldn’t beleive that this pint sized place was her house!  “Is this just your room?” I asked.  “No, it’s my house.”  Suddenly feeling foolish, I told her all about Anne Rose, Ainsley, and Coralina.


“I know how to get them out of the plexi glass cages,” said Amber, pulling out a book that read, “The Apothecary”.  “Isn’t that someone who sells medicine?” I asked.  “Yes, but in this case, it’s a magical being that has been trapped inside a book and knows the anwser to everything,” she responded.  Wow.  That’s so cool.  “But he used to sell medicine before he was captured,” Amber added.  Opening the book, Amber asked the Apothecary, “Where will the Doctor appear next?”  The book responded, “The Ember ball.”  “Huh?  Doctor who?”  I questioned.  Then, making one of those portally thingys that tell stories, she told me abot the Doctor.

The Doctor

The Doctor is a woman who makes keys.  She is the only one who has the keys to open the plexi glass cages.  She always makes her keys in disguise.


Amber came back with two gowns.  “Here, take one,” she said.


Once we were both dressed, she telaported us to the Ember ball.  I had no idea what Ember was.


Once we were there, I spotted brown curls.  The Doctor.  “Look!  There she is!” I frantacilly called to Amber.


We started chasing after her.


I later realized that the Doctor had dropped an emerald necklace.  I picked it up so I could give it to her.


I picked up the necklace, thinking that it might come in handy later.

Much, much later


I started to pant.  Amber and I have been running for hours.  I didn’t think that we would ever catch up at this rate.


The doctor seemed like miles away.  She hid behind dozens of boxes chock full with furniture.  So much for saving Anne, Anisley, and Coralina.


Wait a second, I thought. I looked down at the emerald necklace on my neck.  I realized that the key to the plexi glass cages was right in front of me.

To Be Continued…

Well, there you have it!  The Ghosts of Ember part 3!  It was my favorite.  Did you guys like it?

What’s your favorite part?

Please tell me your anwsers in comments!


2 thoughts on “The Ghosts of Ember: Part 3

  1. It’s finally here! Grab your popcorn and red this photstory!!!!!! I’ve been on the edge of my seat the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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