All the Truly Me Meet Outfits

Hi!  Yesterday, I posted Truly Me #1.  Today, I’m going to be showing you all of the Truly Me Meet Outfits.  Here they are!

Mix and Match Outfit: 1995


Personally, I’m not a big fan of this outfit. It came with a six peice writing set.

First Day Outfit: 1996


Again, I’m not a big fan of this outfit.  It looks like a clown outfit that somebody could easily make for Halloween.  It’s made out of felt, has no hem on the sleeves, and has patches of brightly colored fabric scattered all over. (See what I mean?)

Red Vinyl Jumper: 1998


Ugh… This looks like a steampunk outfit! But compared to the other outfits, this is the best so far. I don’t really like the raincoat material that the dress is made out of.

Urban Outfit: 2000


AAHHH!  Okay, we’ve seen a lot of really bad outfits, but this one is BY FAR THE WORST!  What were you thinking American Girl?  The bag is cute, though.

Go Anywhere Outfit: 2002


This outfit’s okay.  I think that all of the peices on their own are good, but when you put the mossy green skirt and the lavendar jacket together, it gives it an outdated look.

Ready For Fun Outfit: 2004


This outfit’s reasonable.  I like the jacket.

I Like Your Style Outfit: 2006


Yay!  I really like this outfit!  In fact, I have this.  It came with Samantha.  The shirt and boots are so cute!

Star Hoodie Outfit: 2008


This outfit’s cute!  I like the fact that the hoodie is a dress.

Real Me Outfit: 2010


I really like this!  The capris are really cute!

True Spirit Outfit: 2012



Lilac Dress: 2015


Aahh.. Good ol’ Lilac Dress!  My favorite!

Photos from American Girl Wikia

Which outfit is your favorite? Least favorite?


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