A Day In the Life of Penny


Hi!  This is Penny, and I thought that you would like to see what I did today.   I always practice violin.  I’ve gotten to be extremely advanced for my age, and there’s nothing that I would rather be doing in my free time. (In addition to photography and playing with Laura.)


After I finished practicing, Laura and I had our picture taken for a new, suprise page!


It took us about two hours to get the picture taken because the nutso guy at the photography place made Laura cry.  I did nothing wrong, so Janie let me swing on the lamp thing.  I’m not usually allowed to do this.


When I got bored, I went outside to take a walk.  It’s January, and I could go out with nothing on my legs and NO COAT!


It hadd just rained, so there was a fresh coat of tear drops on  the plants.

Ta Da!


I took a couple photos outside, too.




Once I was inside, Laura begged me to take a picture of her, so here’s that.

The End

Would you like me to do a part 2 of Penny’s day?


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