Quality Time With Felicity

Hi!  I haven’t done much photostories lately, so here’s one!  (Sorry for the short intro. 😉


Hello!  It’s me, Penny!  Do you remember me from A Day in the Life of Penny?  Well, something fantastic happened to me while I was sitting here, just doing nothing.


My new sister, Felicity was walking down the hall, with a suspicious looking basket at her foot, filled to the brim with worn, handmade, dolls and such.


“Mind if I play here?” she asked.  “No,” I replied.  “Play away.”


“Do you want to play?” she asked.  I shook my head no.  “I’m okay.”


Felicity pulled out a cowgirl doll dressed in a white dress, with Amelia Earhart following.  Out came a Christmas tree, followed by two other dolls.  She held up the cowgirl and started playing.


That looks like fun, I thought to myself.  My stomach turned as I approached her.  What if she said no?  “Could I play?”


“Of course!” replied Lissie.  She handed me the cowgirl doll.  “This is Annie Oakley,” She told me.


“Come on, Annie.  It’s CHRISTMAS!” Felicity  made her Santa doll say.  “Comin’! ”  I made Annie gasp.  “Look gals, it’s SANTA!”


We made a screaming parade of dolls “run” over to the Santa doll. “AAAHHHH!” they screamed.


“Run, baby!  They’re catching onto us!”  Felicity said in a perfect Santa voice.  “You have a good Santa voice,” I told her.  “Thanks!”  she repiled.

After the Santa incident


“Oh no!  I fell!  Someone help me!” I made Sacagewea say.  “Clara Barton to the rescue!” Felicity said.


A couple minutes later, we put all of the dolls away.  “Can we not tell the other dolls about these?”


“This will just be our little secret,” Felicity said.  She walked towards a cabinet to put the basket o’ dollies in.  “The dolls never look here,” she informed me.


“What’s this?” I asked.  “That’s a fake snowball.  Wanna play with them?”  “That would be great!” I said.


Felicity started pulling out all of the “snowballs” while I… well, I just sat there.


Without me knowing, Felicity snuck up behind me and threw the ball.


“Aahh!”  I yelled.


If we were playing this game, I was going to play it right.  I hid in the pillar near the fireplace.


I saw Felicity in the fireplace.  I guess that she thought that her black dress blended in.


“Fire away!” I yelled, throwing all of my snowballs at Felicity.  Now it was her turn to scream.

After that, I climbed up to the mantel.  I didn’t know this, but Felicity was also on the mantel!  “Ah ha!” we screamed in unision.  We both burst out laughing.


I laughed so hard that I lost my balance!  Quick as a wink, I fell off the mantel!


“PENNY!  Are you okay?” Felicty asked me.


I sat up, completly unfazed by this event.  I started to giggle.  Felicty joined in.  Before long, the giggle turned into laughter.


And the laughter turned into crying.  Felicity is a great sister!


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