A Valentines Party Worth Remembering

Hi again!  I might be a little late for making a Valentine’s Day post… bur better late than never, right! 😉  I would of posted this on Valentine’s Day, but I was at my grandparent’s house.


Hello, it’s Penny!  I’ve been on this blog a lot lately.  Are you getting tired of me yet?  This year for Valentine’s Day, my mom and I visted her grandparents’ house.  Don’t I look beautiful in front of these flowers?


Janie made this painting of soup cans.  I think it looks like something Andy Warhol would make!


Dictionaries galore!!!!!!!


This is Janie’s grandma’s dog.


This is Janie’s dog, Lulu!  She’s so cute!


Janie’s baby cousin was there, too.  She has a Bitty Baby named Molly!  Isn’t she adorable?


I love her outfit! 🙂


There were tons of cookies!  I just had to taste one.


love chocolate!


The Valentine’s Day Party


Mini Lissie came, too.  I thought it would be fun to have a party with her.  “Come on, Lissie, it’ll be fun!”  I coaxed.  “Is there chocolate?”  she wondered.  “Yes…” I replied.  She was in.


“We should definetly use the fancy glasses,” she said.  We carefully piled up the glasses on the the table.  “Now we just need plates,” said Lissie.


Lucky for us, there were plates already on the table!


After we had everything set up, we admired our work.  “You said there would be food,” muttered Mini L, “so where is it?”


I almost forgot!  I dragged a box of cookies that I found in the kitchen onto the table.

“Do you have to make gifts for Valentine’s day?”  asked Lissie.  “No,” I replied, “but you should.”

We then departed to find gifts for eachother.  I knew that Mini L liked  loved chocolate, so I found a box of truffles that was laying around.


I put my present under the “Tree of Love.”  I mean, you put presents under the tree for Christmas, right?  So why not do it for Valentine’s Day?


After everyone (plus Baby Molly!) was seated, I declared this party to start!


We all grabbed for a cookie.




Now it was time for the gift exchange.  Mini Lissie was ecstatic when she saw her chocolates!


I got a box of soaps.  “I thought you would like it because of the box,” said Lissie.  What was I even supposed to do with soaps?  Oh well, that’s what you get when a mini doll picks out your presents.


Mini L and I pitched in and got Baby Molly a doll and a mini book.  She loved them!


Even though our party was a bit “unique,” we still had a blast!  Goodbye from Penny and Mini Lissie!

And this concludes the Annual Valentine’s Day Spectacular!

-Janie 🙂

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