Recreating AG’s Basketball Outfit

Hello!  One of my friend’s dolls plays basketball, but she didn’t want to spend $30.00 for the outfit!  I decided to recreate it using things that I already had.

 You will need:

-Plain white tank top


-Two colors of paint ( I used blue and yellow, but you can use any color!)

Step 1:


Using the blue paint, brush on your doll’s “team number” on the side without the velcro.  (I used 27 because the Truly Me doll that I’m making this for is 27. 🙂

Step 2:


On the corners, paint semi- circles with the yellow paint.

Step 3:


With the blue paint, draw semi-circles inside of the yellow circles.

Step 4 (Optional):

After it dries, put the shirt in the washing machine so the paint doesn’t look chunky.

For the shorts:


Roll up the lace cuffs on the shorter old fashioned AG underwear.  (Such as Molly or Emily’s.)


To complete the set, I paired it with Mia’s meet shoes and a bouncy basketball.

If you didn’t have to buy any materials, you just saved yourselves $30.00!

Here is a comparasion of the AG outfit and mine:

 – Janie ❤

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