The Time Machine: Part 1

Hi again!  This is the very short begining to a photostory that I have been preparing.  I hope you enjoy it!


Emily’s POV

1It all started when Molly and I were playing Harry Potter.  We were using pencils as wands, and I was Ginny while Molly was Harry.  “Oh no!  Voldemort sent me to Azkaban!” Molly exclaimed.  It was then that I noticed a new table in our room.  “That would make a good Azkaban,”  I suggested.


Once she was in, Molly noticed a wall of buttons.  “Emily, come look!  There’s a bunch of buttons over here!  I think this coffee table might be a time machine,” she said, with a slightly worried but excited tone.

“A coffee table that’s a time machine? Nonsense!” I reasurred her, but that didn’t stop me from coming over.


I realized she was right. I called all of my sisters over, and soon, they were all huddled up near the so called “time machine.”

“Wow, Emily’s right! There are a bunch of buttons on here,” remarked Felicity.

“But that doesn’t mean it’s a real time machine,” retorted Saige.

“I wonder what this button does,” wondered Penny.


Everything after that was a blur.

To be continued…


Oooh…. I wonder what happens next?  I also took a couple pictures of Caroline wearing an OOTD called “Ocean Breeze.”


Doesn’t she look beautiful in front of the aqua walls?



(Sorry that the walls are half purple, half aqua.  I’m still in the painting process. 🙂




Caroline really is a beautiful doll!

-Janie ❤

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