Review of Samantha’s Bedtime Accsesories


I went to the Sound of Music yesterday.  I had a lot of fun!  I also just finished reading “Keeper of the Lost Cities.”  (And it was sooo good!)  You can expect me to be doing a review of that soon.

Anyway, last year for my birthday, my grandparents got me Samantha’s BeForever Bedtime Accsesories.   They are definetly one of the higher quality, authentic Beforever items, and I thought they deserved to be reviewed.


But first, a mini review of this beautiful ensemble.


This dress is handmade by my friend’s nanny.  It makes a perfect victorian spring dress for Samantha.

Now onto the review of the accsesories.


Samantha’s Bedtime Accsesories include her teddy bear, a music box, a scrapbook, and The Wizard of Oz.


Her teddy bear is very soft.  It bares (haha, get it? :P) a silky pink bow, and the features are all sewn on in black thread.  However, the joints are not moveable.


A closeup of the face.

This bear is super cute, and definetly looks like something girls would have in 1904.


The music box might be my favorite part of the whole set.  It opens and closes, and has a pretty flower design.


It even has a secret little compartment inside!

But the best part?  It really plays music!


Here is proof.


The music part.


The music box plays “Wiegenlied,” as you can see.


The Wizard of Oz   book has a cute and realistic little cover!


It even includes the story inside!


Last but not least is Samantha’s scrapbook!  It reminds me of the scrapbook in Emily’s accsesories.


Here are the images inside.

Overall, I was very pleased to find an authentic BeForever product, and I rate this whole set five stars!  There isn’t a single complaint I have.


10 thoughts on “Review of Samantha’s Bedtime Accsesories

  1. Oh, that’s why I love AG books, you can actually read them. 🙂 (I have the book that came with the retired cello set and my friend can actually play some of the pieces on her cello lol haha.)


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