Gardens, Pinecones, and Polymer Clay Cuties!

Hey there!  In my last post, I said that I couldn’t upload my photos.  Well, I finally got our computer to start working!! 😀  *Throws party. 🎉 Blows horn.  Screams with joy.*  So after weeks of waiting, I present you with this post! 🙂

Gardens, Pinecones,.jpg


Here is a picture of our garden.  It has tons of flowers that we planted, a flowering cherry tree, and a fairy garden…


So tiny and adorable!


In our yard, we have this odd little flower bush that I can’t quite identify.  :/ They are very pretty in early spring, but then they get all shriveled and orange. 😉 UPDATE:  They are called Temple Bells.  Thanks Megan! 😀


A couple of weeks ago, I was baking double chocolate cookies., and  I thought that this picture looked really neat.  However, when they were finished, they were all powdery and crumbly. THE AGONY OF BAKING FAILURE! 😦


When I was taking pictures for the BIBPC Little Things, I took this picture of mini pinecones.  Although I didn’t eneter this photo, I still really like it!


Isn’t this picture pretty?  I love how the flower petals are sprinkled all over the ground.

Recently, I bought some polymer clay at Michaels!  So far, I have made 13 little creations.

My first creations are these little clay inchworms inspired by Megan.  I have a blue striped one, a bookworm, one with a bow and an apple, and one on a sunflower.


Next, I have a cute yellow birdy.  She’s wearing a pink and blue flower crown.


I also made this hedgehog named Brownie!  So “creative.” 😛


Isn’t this hamster cute?  She has a shimmery blue bed with purple tassles.  Her name is peaches.


Fifthly, (is that even a word? :P) I have a sloth.


Finally, we have this little robin.  I think that I did a good job on him, espically considering that I didn’t use a turorial.

And before I forget, here is my entry for BIBPC:

The theme was textures, so I took a picture of tree bark. 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed my post, and have a nice rest of your day!


I think that my next post will be with my dog, Lulu.  I also just found a tree that is perfect for climbing! 😛

Gardens, Pinecones,.jpg

23 thoughts on “Gardens, Pinecones, and Polymer Clay Cuties!

      1. No, cause I don’t have clay. But if I had clay I would love to make something! 😉 😛 :/ I DO like to knit though!!! 😀 And needle felting is fun too!!! 😀 Gotta go! 😐

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  1. These pictures are so cute! I love the fairy garden…I have one too! I’ll have to post about it sometime. 🙂 As for the flowers…hmmm…they almost look like blueberry blossoms, but a little different. The polymer clay cuties are so cute! 😀
    And your BIBPC entry is great! What team are you on?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂 That’s cool, I’m excited to see your fairy garden! Yeah, the flowers grow on a bush, and they’re different from anything I’ve seen. Thank you so uch! 😀 I’m on Team Hummingbird, which team are you on?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! Awesome, I’ll definitely do a post about it. 😊 Hmm…it’s a mystery, huh? 😜 I realized I never thanked you for following my blog! Thank you so much…it means a lot. 😄
        You’re welcome! I’m on Team Goldfinch. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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