Hello! I haven’t done a doll post for some time, have I?

A couple days ago I went to the Disney store and got a mini Disney Animators Doll Rapunzel. She’s adorable, and was practically begging to be photographed.

Isn’t she adorable? I haven’t come up with a name for her yet, though. Do you guys have any suggestions?

 She came with a mini sparkle Pasquel.

Her face is just so sweet… I think that she looks a little bit like Sophie Foster from Keeper of the Lost Cities.


I just love this setup!  It incorporates all of the accessories that she came with.

I also got a Finding Nemo mug. I’ll review him later. Also, who’s excited for the new movie, Finding Dory? 😄

On an unrelated note, I was thinking of doing a monthly book recap for March. Would you guys like to see that?

I had my ballet performance this weekend!  I was in Circus Polka and Swan Lake Waltz.

Also, please check out my new pages, Graphic Design Help and Blogging Help!  Thanks. 🙂

One last thing: I got a drink from the secret menu at Starbucks! It was Berry Hibiscus Passion Tea.

JanieI’m using the WordPress app! It works great. Guess what I made my mom for Mother’s Day? A sprinkle candle!  I’ll post pictures on Monday. 

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