My Baby Goat!

Hello there!  Before we continue with this post, I would just like to clarify that I did not get a real baby goat. (Although I wish I did. :() This is just a very, very, adorable goat that in my mind, is perfect!


Here is the original link to the website.

Isn’t she adorable????!? 😀

I would name her Velvet.  She is a Norwegian Dwarf Goat ,and only costs $400! 🙂

There is actually a 3% chance that I might be getting her.  Who knows, maybe she will appear at my doorstep randomly on day! 😉 I wonder how Lulu would react to this.

I have a few summer themed posts planned, so stay tuned!

Need Blogging Help?-5

Yesterday, it was almost 90 degrees!  I decided too make fudgecicle.  It was actually the best popsicle I ever had!  I will do a post on this soon.

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