Doll Sized Finds

Hello my dearest readers! For the past couple weeks, I have been gathering photos for a doll sized finds post. Now, I think that I have enough pictures to do this! So without further delay, I present you doll sized finds!


First up we have this set of two adorable birds. I got them from the dollar store. I think that they will be Mia’s and Caroline’s. These were a great deal!

Next we have this mini Dove body wash from Target. I didn’t actually buy this, it came taped on the back of a normal size bottle. I think that this will come in handy when my dolls give their pets a bath. 


In addition, I found this adorable mini blueberry pie!   I found this at a local convenience store. I didn’t buy it, but it would be perfect for a summer picnic!

At Dick’s, we found these miniature baseball flags. My mom got these for party decorations, but I think that they would be perfect if your dolls are basebal fans! ⚾️


Finally, I found this adorable apron at a flea market! It’s definetly the best find, and was only ten dollars!

I also found an old fashioned mini card set, a clipboard, and a notebook. I will post these pictures later, but I don’t have access to them right now.



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