My ATC’s!

Hey there! Recently, Hailey has introduced me to ATC’s! Some of you may remember The post I made awhile back (wow, that was in November!) about ATC’s.   I never actually showed the pictures of them to you guys, so here I am! I just made these ATC’s a week ago, the ones that I made in November were quite bad. 😉

This one is called “Capturing Moments. ” I made this one by putting washi tape in the background, and then gluing on a picture of a camera. This one would have to be one of my favorites, even though it was very easy to make!

This one is called “Don’t Forget To Smile!” To make this one, I traced a piece of decorative paper and glued it on to the card stock. Next, I cut out a smaller piece of paper and glued it on. To finish it off, I printed out the words and put washi tape on the sides. One time I made my friend a bookmark that looked exactly like this ATC for a present!😄

I call this ATC “Stargazer.” I’m actually very pleased with how this turned out. This is one of the best drawings I ever made!

Last but not least, we have a card called “Fluffy Lil’ Porcupine.”😄 I made this one from a Pinterest tutorial, but I added the words “So Fluffy!” with a purple Sharpie. This isn’t my best ATC, but it still is adorable!

I have very exciting news!! I got an IPhone over the weekend!😄 It’s a 6s and it’s rose gold. I’m really excited about it! Yesterday, I decided to test out the camera and I took some pictures of my Tsum Tsum Beanie Baby.

Isn’t she cute?


I think that the photography is pretty good!

Are you going anywhere this summer?

I will be learning HTML coding this summer!:)

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