Doll Camp!

Hello people of the interent!  A couple weeks ago, Doll Diaries announced that Camp Doll Diaries would not be taking place this year. 😦 I was very sad, as I loved CDD and enjoyed doing all of their crafts.  So, I decided that I should make my own doll camp!  It will be called “Doll Days of Summer Camp.”


There will be five weeks of camp, starting this Monday.  There will be a:

-Welcome to Camp! week

– Movie week

-Nature week

-Farm week

– Picnic week

Most of the weeks will include a craft by me on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, a craft by my friend Sophia on Friday, a Saturday Showcase on Saturday, (More about this later!) and what my dolls did at camp on Sunday.

Every Saturday after all of the Camp activities are over, there will be a post called “Saturday Showcase.”  This will include the photos of your dolls doing camp activities!  You can enter your photos HERE.

Also, please put this button on your sidebar if yo will be participating:


I’m really excited about this!  I can’t wait until Monday!

One more thing: I am also going to have a series called Summer DIY’s!  I will post tutrioals on mug cakes, ATC’s, and cool DIY’s.

Have a nice Father’s Day,

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9 thoughts on “Doll Camp!

  1. Janie, this is a wonderful idea! I would totally do it, but I have been planning a camp based on my experience at sleepaway. But, I will try to do some crafts from camp. That DIY idea is awesome! If it is OK, I might do some thing like it.

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    1. Thank yo so much, C! That sounds like a great idea. That’s fine, there will be some super easy crafts that will only take a couple of minutes. Thank you! It’s fine if you do it. 😊


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