DDOSC Week 1 ~ Welcome to Camp!

Hello everyone, welcome to the Doll Days of Summer Camp, week 1!  I hope that all of your dolls are ready for the time of their lives, because this camp is going to be a blast! Let’s get started with the first craft, shall we?

Registartion Forms

You can’t participate in camp if you’re not registered, so the very first craft that you’ll need to make is a printable registration form.

Camp Registratoin Forms.jpg

Since the registartion form is kind of a boring first day craft, I also made a camp journal that your dolls can make!

You will need:

– A peice of cardboard

– ruler

– Washi tape

– scissors

– notebook paper

– stapler


First, measure and cut out 2 pieces of cardboard that are 3×2 inches.


Next, you’re going to cover both pieces of cardboard in washi tape.  For my journal, I did a different design for the front and back of the notebook.


Once you’re done washi taping, tape the pieces of washi tape on the back down with Scotch tape.  Since Washi tape tends to peel, this step prevents it from coming off.


Next, write “Camp Journal” with black Sharpie on a piece of cardboard. This will be the front of the notebook.


After that, trace a piece of notebook paper that’s slightly smaller than the cardboard.  These will go inside the journal.  You can cut as many of these as you want, but I recomend cutting about six.


Finally, staple all of your pieces together.  Now your dolls can write about all of their expierences at camp!


Saige is sitting in the Dahilia cabin along with Isabelle, Felicity, and Caroline.  She’s writing about the breakfast break earlier in the day.  So far, she’s really enjoying her first day of DDOSC!

Please comment if you did this craft, I would love to hear your thoughts.  🙂  Stay tuned for another day  of the Doll Days of Summer Camp tomorow!

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