13 DIYs to Make Your Room Look Awesome!

More  DIYs have arrived! 

Hello fellow bloggers! Today I have prepared 13 DIYs for your bedroom that will make it look amazing! So, let’s get started! 

The first DIY is very simple. All you have to do is get a mason jar and pop out the top, leaving just the metal ring it. Then fill it with desk supplies such as sharpies, washi tape, pens, and pencils!

For the next DIY, cutout a square piece of card stock. Washi tape the border and with a colored sharpie, write a quote on it. These look really cute when you make a lot and hang them on your cork board. 

Or for an easier version of the previous DIY, you can just write a quote on a sticky note and washi tape it onto your cork board. 

Now onto these cute little pinwheels! First get a piece of decorative paper and cut four slits on the corners. Then, fold them into the center and glue them down. For the final touch, add a button or sticker in the middle and glue a skewer onto the back. These look super cute in a mini pot, which you can find at target. 

This next craft is very helpful and looks cute when you display it. Find an empty toilet paper roll and put as many washi tapes on as you want. Next, roll up your phone charger and slide it in. Now you have a place to hold your charger!

I found this DIY on Pinterest, its called a zen rock. Find a small flat stone, and then draw swirly patterns with a gold marker. I know, my instructions are the greatest. 😀

This DIY is my favorite! First get a mason jar, and then stuff it with small twinkle lights. Then, tie twine around the top. This DIY is so simple, but it looks great!

I honestly don’t even think that I can count this as a DIY.  All you have to is buy some twinkle lights and hang them above your bed. 

Do you want to make your boring old alarm clock fun? Well, just washi tape the snooze button and your clock is cuter already!

I find this next craft very helpful because I always have so many books just sitting in piles on my side table. It looks pretty sloppy sometimes . To solve this problem, I bought a cardboard caddy from target and painted it . Then, I washi taped the inside borders . I put this on my side table and added in my books,  bookmarks, and stationary . 

For this craft, washi tape your light  switch! That’s all I have to say . 😬

For the final DIY, paint five Clothespins ombre . Next, write the day of the week in gold marker . Finally, put them onto a piece of twine and then hang it up using putty . I covered it up using washi tape. 

I hope that you enjoyed these DIYs! Comment you did any. 

Stay lovely, 

14 thoughts on “13 DIYs to Make Your Room Look Awesome!

  1. Hi Janie,
    I simply LOVE your diy ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Is the coffee lotion good for your skin? Have you noticed a difference since using it? I’ve never seen coffee lotion before, but Id like to make it one day. 🙂


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