School Supplies From Target

Hello! I’ve realized that Target has really been upping their quality lately, especially the dollar section! Today I’ll  be sharing some cute school supplies found for only a dollar!

The thing I bought were these rolls of washi tape! I was so happy when I found these because I love washi tape and its my favorite craft item. They came in packs of three, one pack was ombré, and other was nautical themed (I think). I can’t believe they were only for a dollar. 

Next up I found this jar of pushpins. I love the colors, and they came in this cute little jar! What’s better than cute packaging? I currently don’t have a push pins that I’m not using right now, so these were a good find. 

In addition, I bought these pink paperclips! The jar actually came with a lot more in it, but I emptied then into a bowl. They have the same cute packaging as pushpins, and are very helpful. 😊

Last but not least these gift tags! They are chalkboards glued onto burlap, which is nice because you can reuse them. I think that I’ll use them to put on my Coffee lotion when I give it as a present.  

Have you ever found any good things from the dollar section?

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