Back to School Haul

Hello, everyone! Has anybody started school yet? I haven’t, but I start on Monday. 😢 I saw a couple other people doing school supplies hauls, and I thought it looked like a fun idea! 

First I got this cute pencil case and these cute pencils. The pencil case was from Walgreen’s, and the pencils were from Target. Of course these aren’t the only pencils that I got, but they were my favorite. 

These are the notebooks that I got. I needed one of them to be a journal, and another to be three subjects. The only ones they had were plain white ones, so I decorated it with washi tape and a deal. 

Next up is this folder that I also got at Walgreen’s. It’s clipped into a plain pink binder. 

This is another folder that I had to get. This one is my favorite. It’s clipped into a plain blue binder. 

Last but not least is this Random hodge-podge of stuff. I have a portfolio, a sheet of food stickers, three  highlighters,and sticky notes. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed my school haul! Oh, I almost forgot! I have some updtaes:

-I’M GETTING POINTED SHOES! I just found out a couple days ago, and I’m soooo excited! I’ve been working all summer to get them!

– I’ve started taking field hockey lessons. It’s really fun, and I hope that I’m able to keep doing it! 

– I made cream puffs!! They tasted so good! 

Good luck 📎✂️📚📓✏️,

26 thoughts on “Back to School Haul

  1. Hi Janie this is Ana your friend from ballet I loved your school supplies haul and am so exited for you in level 5 it’s amazing that your takeing feild hockey because I have never been able to play a sport 😅 I loved taking class with you on Saturday and I hope we can do it again🤗 Your friend Ana

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