Seven Halloween Costumes for Lazy People


I know that it’s no where close to Halloween yet, but I was having dinner a couple of nights ago and just thought of all of these random, stupid, and easy costumes. Some of them are actually pretty clever, so I thought that these ideas might help some of the procrastinators out there. 😀

1. Wear black pants, a white shirt, and a black hat. Then, you’re an Oreo! Nom nom nom…

2. Get a bunch of name tags and write different names on them. Stick them all over yourself, and then you’re an identity theft!

3. Wear athletic clothes and sneakers, draw a rainbow on your face, and badda bing, badda boom, you’re Rainbow Dash! (From My Little Ponies. 😜)

4. Find an old hat, stick a light bulb in it, and then you’re a genius. (Yeah, that ones pretty stupid.)

5. Find a friend (who’s either lazy or a procrastinator,) and get two pieces of paper and write “salt” and “pepper” on them. Tape them around your neck, and then you’re a salt and pepper shaker. 

6. Tie a dictionary around your neck, and write fancy words all over your face in eye liner. Then you’re a walking dictionary! 

7. Wear what you would wear on a regular day, and then you instantly become a famous celebrity! When someone asks you who you’re supposed to be, say, “Don’t you know? I’m that famous celebrity, (your name.”)

I’m really feeling in the fall mood lately: fall fashion, fall drinks, and fall DIYs. Here are some pictures that I found on the internet that represent what I love most about fall:

What are you going to be for Halloween?

21 thoughts on “Seven Halloween Costumes for Lazy People

  1. Wow, I love fall, it’s one of my favourite seasons. Snuggled in blankets, hot chocolate resting on your knees, the tv hum in the background. The leave collecting and printing, the endless screams of Halloween pranks, the rotting sweets! Great costume ideas!

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