Lush Photoshoot

Happy Monday! I had off school today, so my friend came over. We were looking at all of the amazing pictures on the Lush app, and decided to take our own using all of the Lush products that I had. I’m actually really surprised with how they turned out. 

Have you ever been to Lush?

26 thoughts on “Lush Photoshoot

  1. because i have a blog/ website {} and i don’t know how to get more people to see it and i am scared to tell my friends becuase i think it will get around and then ill be made fun of but then agian im not A person that cares what people think

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    1. Hi! I think that your blog is great, I just followed it! If you’re too embarrassed to tell people you know, I could give a shoutout to you on my blog, or you could comment or follow other peoples’ blogs. I hope this helps!


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