I’ve had a lack of miscellaneous posts on my blog, and I felt like I should do one. I just have so many random little blurbs and pictures that are too short to be just a post of their own . 


My dad took me to Rite Aid today, and he bought me this adorable pumpkin pie Entenmann’s candle. Lately, I’ve had a small obsession with fall scented candles. It’s getting kind of out of hand. 😬😂


Yesterday, when I had nothing better to do, I decided to line up all of my Sharpies into a rainbow ordered line . I never realized how many Sharpies I had! 

I’m in love with this picture!


I made a couple quote collages on an app called Pic Collage. I’m really happy with how they turned out, I used the first one as my screensaver on my phone. 

Fall Fashion 

The weather has started getting cold! I’m so excited because I love fall/winter clothes. Here are some of my favorites:

A week ago, we had to run a mile in fifteen minutes for gym class. I was so freaked out because I knew that it would take me way longer than fifteen minutes! Surprisingly, though, it only took me nine minutes. I was shocked . 😲 That is really impressive for me. 

I’m doing the Nutcracker for ballet this year! I’m going to be an angel and pollishinelles . I can’t wait until practices start. 

Well, that wraps up my first installment of  randomness! Comment what your favorite topic was. 


15 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. I love Sharpies… I’m in the Nutcracker too!! I’m a dancer in the party scene…I’ve been in the Nutcracker the past four or five years, I think! That’s so cool you’re doing it too! We had to make our own dresses for the show out of satin and lace. I think I’ll do a post on the Nutcracker around Christmas time. Maybe show pictures of my dress and how we do our makeup and hair and stuff.

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      1. That’ll be awesome! No, not yet. I just got mine last summer, and we’re starting to do weight-bearing exercises at the barre, but nothing center floor yet. Thursday is parent observation day for our pointe class… Maybe I’ll have my mom take some pictures and I’ll post them! And a video, too…


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