//It’s time for some changes…//

 Hello, lovelies!  I’ve been thinking recently, and I’ve come to a decision that will really change this blog.

I’ve decided that I want to make my blog look, sound, and be more professional.  I’m really excited to put these into action, and I think you’ll be, too!



For the rest of the summer, (until Sept. 5,) I’ll be posting at least every Monday and Friday.  However, once school starts, I’ll be posting every week.  I know previously I haven’t really been able to stick to decisions, (posting more, quitting blogging, resuming blogging,) 😂 but I PROMISE to keep my word on this one.  I can’t promise that they’ll all be super long, but my blog is going to be shorter, more frequent posts from now on.


I’m going to be working on a new, simpler, and more professional design over the next week or two, so please forgive any changes/inconvinences/site crashes.

And last, but most important, tonight I will present to you…






YAYAYAYAYAYAY!  Later on today, I’ll be changing sincerelyjanie.wordpress.com to sincerelyjanie.com.  Please look out for this change, and be SURE to follow/ check it out!  I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and I’m beyond happy that my dad finally agreed to let me do it!


Before you leave, please check out my new pages&posts!





//Be sure to check out my recent posts//


perfect summer outfit pick-me-up

PicMonkey Collage

//don’t worry, be happy!//


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