Top 7 Places to Visit in NYC

Hello, lovely readers!  Back in May, I had the pleasure to visit New York City for ballet and such. I’ve been to “The Big Apple” before, but this trip was completely unforgettable, and I wanted to put together a guide to navigate my favorite places in “The City That Never Sleeps!”♡

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This well-known train station isn’t only made out of gold, but it also has unique stores such as Swatch, and a delicious dining hall.  Must I also mention that the architecture is amazing?

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Whether you’re a fan of opera, contemporary dance, or ballet, Lincoln Center includes some of the most beautiful theaters and performances in NYC.  I myself am a huge fan of ballet, and I had the pleasure to see The American Ballet Theatre and  The New York City Ballet perform while visiting.  I was completely blown away by these performances, and I’ll definitely be seeing more in the future.

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Greenwich Village, one of the top designer areas in NYC, is known for their beautiful brown stone houses, chic boutiques, and trendy foods.  With more of a neighborhood vibe than the bustling of the huge city, one must visit here to truly experience the real NYC.

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The Doughnut Project has the thickest, heaviest, creamiest, and most delicious homemade donuts I’ve ever had!  Coming in flavors such as maple bacon, PB&J, birthday cake, and milk chocolate espresso, these donuts are sure to bring your taste buds to the next level.

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Visiting The MET is the perfect way to spend a rainy day in NYC.  You can spend hours upon hours ogling at artwork by famous artists such as Monet, Degas, and Renoir, and gazing at their many exhibits.  The MET is a definite must-have for anybody visiting the big apple!


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Lilly Pulitzer is one of my absolute favorite designer clothing stores!  Their New York location can be found on Madison Avenue, decorated brightly with framed Lilly patterns, quotes, and hot pink accent walls.  But beware: make sure to bring your money, because I can guarantee that you won’t leave empty handed! 😉

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Most famous for their brightly colored, steaming, sugar filled goblets plastered all over social media, The Sugar Factory was my favorite place that we visited!  They served my drink in a giant goblet with lollipops in it, and poured the steaming drink right in front of my eyes.  I also tried one of their milkshakes, which was delicious (obviously!)  And it doesn’t just end there; the Sugar Factory also has amazing hamburgers and entrees, piled with juicy, thick patties and oozing, melted cheese.  Definitely an over-the-top meal and experience that I’ll never forget!

QOTP: Have you ever been to NYC, and where are your fave places?


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