Favorite Fall Candles

Hello, lovelies!  This has been a busy couple weeks for me with school starting up again last Tuesday, ballet, nutcracker casting (I got Marie, yay!), and a horrendus cold that I just got over a day ago.  It feels so good to catch a breather and blog again!

Let’s jump right into the post, shall we? 😉

Favorite Fall Candles

Candles are practically vital to fall.  Cozy nights simply wouldn’t be the same without a deliciously scented fall candle burning.

But chosing the right candle can be hard, from the qualtiy of the scent to the aesthetics and packaging of the candle.  I’ve put together some of my favorite fall scents to burn to give you ideas; I’ll include where to buy them as well if any “spark” you interest! (Do you like my puns? 😛 )

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I swear, Boulangerie makes the best candles.  My particular favorite of theirs is the Pumpkin Souffle scent, this is the second year I’ve bought it and I’m loving it even more!    It practically smells like fall in a jar, not to mention that the packaging is gorgeous.

Where to buy: Anthropologie, $18.00


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Yet another pumpkin candle!  This scent is “Heirloom Pumpkin” by Mercury Moonglow, and I’m obsessed.  This isn’t just your typical pumpkin spice candle; it has a rich, authentic pumpkin and cinnamon scent that will complete any fall day.  The jar is  decorated with crushed gold pressed against the sides that make it look very trendy.

 Where to buy: Anthropologie, $18.00



“Marshmallow Fireside” by Bath and Body Work isn’t a usual candle that I’d throw in my cart, but I just couldn’t pass this unique scent.  It smells faintly of marshmallow, hot cocoa, and almost a perfumey scent that will class up any chilly night in.  Not to mention that it looks beautiful & so cozy!

Where to buy: Amazon, $22.00



Pumpkin Nut Bread = amazing!  Although it sounds kinda gross at first, just one whiff of this vanilla, pumpkin, and cheesecake scent will have you wishing you could eat it.  This jar is expetionally cute, and would look adorable on any side table.

Unfortunalty, Target stopped carrying this candle a year ago, and it’s nowhere to be found on any website. :/ I did, however, find an alternate scent that sounds like it would smell alomst excatly like my Pumpkin Nut Bread Candle!

Where to buy: Amazon, $15.99



I know you’re probally getting sick of pumpkin scented candles, but this Enteman’s Pumpkin Pie candle is almost too good to pass up. 🙂 A cheaper alternative to the more expensive candles I’ve mentinoed above, this candle smells just like a fresh pumpkin pie and is a bargain at only eight dollars!

Where to buy it: Amazon, $8.95


And at last, may your pumpkin spice season be complete with cozy candles!

QOTP: When did you start school?


26 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Candles

      1. They do set of a cozy feeling! It’s really not that hard to make them really. You just need a pan for melting them, a metal bowl, water, a candle wick, candle wax, a crayon (for color) and essential oils! Fill your pan with water and boil it, while it’s boiling you take your bowl with your ingredients in it and place it in the pan while it still boiling and stir it! Then you take your container, place your candle wick in it and pour your wax mixture in it, then let sit! Sorry for the long comment!

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