Fall Photo Ideas to Keep Your Insta Looking Perfect


Welcome back to my blog!  I’m pleased to say that I haven’t had much homework lately, which gives me more time to work on blogging and ballet. 🙂  But it’s crazy that the first day of fall was on Friday, and it’s 90 degrees where I live!  All I wanna do is wear large, cozy sweaters and jeans.

One of the biggest struggles I have is taking photos.  It either looks like I’m trying too hard, being awkward, or the quality just isn’t good.  Because I know that many other people struggle with this same tragedy, I’ve included some easy, non-akward, super cute fall picture ideas that I’ve tried.  Say adios to Instagram struggles!



Cute mugs just scream FALL!  My favorite is my Anthropology Initial Mug.  It’s so pretty, and makes a great picture when paired with crew socks or a plaid blanket.


What’s Autumn without pumpkins?  A good pumpkin picture is practically a necessity for your Instagram feed, and the best part is that all you need to do is whip out your camera!   I found my cozy little setup in a Pottery Barn Store.  Even though the pumpkins were fake, I just couldn’t help myself from taking a pic (especially because I don’t even know if I’ll have time to visit a real pumpkin farm anytime soon). 😛


Every year, my mom plants gorgeous mums of every color outside our house.  This picture is beautiful, and the natural lighting gives the picture great quality.  🙂


A creative way to get a snap of your favorite fall ensemble is to take a picture from a bird’s eye view, with the camera tilted downwards.  This rustic wooden floor ties the whole picture together, from the boyfriend jeans to the ash gray booties.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For this photo idea, grab a friend a find a large pile of crisp leaves.  Lie down in the leaves, and slowly lower your head and cover your face with your hands.  I know this sounds strange, it will all be worth it in the end (trust me, we laughed throughout this whole picture. 😉 )

I edit my photos on VSCO, using the filters C1, F2, A6, and HB2.


I hope this post inspire you to go grab your camera!  If you use any of these ideas, feel free to send me them HERE!

QOTP:  What’s your biggest Instagram struggle? 🙂



19 thoughts on “Fall Photo Ideas to Keep Your Insta Looking Perfect

  1. My biggest Instagram struggle is definitely getting the right angle and set up for photos so this post helped a lot! My favorite was the last photo can’t wait to do that with a friend xoxo

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  2. Hey, I love this post! Autumn is my favourite season ❤️

    I really wanna get into photography and instagram photos! And also taking better photos for my blog because we all know an iPhone just won’t cut it for long!
    I’m wondering what camera you use and also a recommendation of a good camera for someone on a budget? Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

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