In 2016, I decided to start a blog that solely focused on dolls among other things.  But over the years, my interests have changed and my new mission is to create a happy, cozy corner of the internet that gives advice on ballet, positive inspiration, and fashion help.  Need help designing your blog?  Drop me a comment over at the Graphic Design Request page.  Feeling down and want some inspiration?  Check out my Quotes page.  Grab a cup of tea, or even a homemade popsicle and light your candle.  Enjoy your stay!




I try to create a lovely, positive, and fun environment for my readers. Please respect this and take the time to drop a kind comment, as they’re always appreciated. Or, follow another fellow blogger who you’ve discovered via my sight. Hate is always frowned upon. Thank again for helping me to create a safe, HAPPY environment!:)